AARP: Dads Have Fewer Heart Problems, But Still Must Plan Estate in New York

A new study by AARP, university research and the government shows that fathers are less likely to die of heart-related illnesses than men without children, the Associated Press reports. The study is considered the largest ever to look at fertility and mortality and involved 138,000 men nationwide.While this may be good news for dads, genetics and lifestyle must also be factored into studies about heart health. This study may present a good time for fathers to discuss heart health, it also can be used as an opportunity to talk about New York estate planning.

New York probate lawyers have seen many older New Yorkers struggle at the end of their lives, perhaps after diagnosis of an illness or disease or following an unexpected accident. Too often, seniors may wait until dementia or other illness robs them of their ability to plan. .

Men in America suffer from heart problems. Long hours earning a living and raising a family can take a toll. Taking the time to ensure loved ones are protected can bring peace of mind. Thus, men in their 30s, 40s and 50s should have plans in place. The process does not have to be complicated. And not just those with significant assets need estate plans.

The large-scale study found that marriage, having many friends and even having a dog as a companion, can lower the chances of heart problems and cardiac-related deaths. And the study shows that having children may be motivation for fathers to take care of themselves physically.

Researchers found a link between infertility and later health problems. Testosterone levels can affect good cholesterol, the article reports.

But the study also had some caveats:

  • Researchers couldn’t calculate how many in the study were childless by choice and not because of infertility.
  • They didn’t study the men’s partners’ infertility problems.
  • They didn’t calculate blood pressure or cholesterol numbers.
  • Fewer than five percent of participants were minorities.

While it is an interesting topic and certainly one to consider, it may not necessarily apply to everyone. But what does apply to everyone is proper estate planning — for both those with children and those without.

For the fathers, New York estate planning is critical in order to ensure their children are properly taken care of when they pass on. When a person is nearing death, they don’t want the added stress of worrying about where their money will go or if their children will be left with valuable or sentimental heirlooms.

For the childless, the need is no less important. Even if there aren’t children to leave assets to a spouse, siblings, other family members, friends or even a trust established to support philanthropic desires can result from careful planning.

Don’t wait until major health problems have struck to take the initiative and plan out your will or estate in New York. Have peace of mind and focus on more important things in your time of need.

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