World Alzheimer’s Month Good Time to Plan for Comprehensive New York Estate Planning

September is World Alzheimer’s Month, calling attention and awareness to this devastating disease. It is also a time to reflect on how we should all be planning to help older family members and friends who have yet to get a handle on their estate plans.

In some cases, a Manhattan guardianship attorney must be called on to help ensure that an elderly relative who has dementia is properly cared for. Mental Hygiene Law Article 81 in New York allows for the court to appoint a guardian to assist a person who is incapacitated.In an emergency, the court can appoint a temporary guardian to manage the loved one’s affairs while the court reviews the matter. reports that someone develops Alzheimer’s disease every 69 seconds in the United States. By 2050, more than 13 million Americans are expected to have the disease, spending $1 trillion on medical and long-term care costs. The September awareness campaign calls attention to find a cure and better ways of treating the illness.

Typically, medical treatments and care plans are likely a family’s most pressing issues for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s. Also important to consider is how well the family members are progressing as caregivers, and possibly setting up in-home or assisted living care for the person. A living will may also be necessary to allow for the care of a loved one who becomes incapacitated. End-of-life decisions can be laid out.

Active planning brings peace of mind that everything will be taken care of as the needs arise. Dissension among family members after your passing can be minimized and the process can reduce stress for all involved.

In still other cases, a will is contested in New York. Protecting the integrity of a will or challenging the disbursement of an estate requires an experienced law firm.

As we recognize the need for research, and the need for improved treatment and care options for those stricken with Alzheimer’s, getting serious about estate planning is a proactive step we can all take.

Manhattan Estate Attorney Jules M. Haas has helped many clients over the past 30 years resolve issues relating to intestate estates, estate planning, kinship and estate settlement. He has represented clients in these matters throughout New York including Westchester and Manhattan. If you or someone you know has any questions regarding these matters, please contact him at (212) 355-2575 for an initial consultation.

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